What is the Grappler?


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Grapplers: the most versatile pick-up and reaching tools

When you buy the Grappler, you can be assured you will get your money’s worth. The Grappler is made of rustproof aluminum designed to last for years of continual use. This tool is the choice of Parks and Recreation Departments because of its wide mouth, strong grip, and sturdy rod. The Department of Transportation regularly uses Grapplers as their primary litter pick-up tool.

The Grappler easily grabs:

  • Any type of litter, from large bottles to newspapers
  • Twigs, leaves, or anything that’s in your yard.
  • Unhygienic materials: animal carcasses, pet feces, etc.
  • Small items, including toothpicks!
  • Plus so much more!

Who can benefit from using the Grappler?

The Grappler is made using sturdy, lightweight aluminum that makes it easy for anyone to use.

The Grappler is a grabbing/reaching tool designed to feel like an extension of your arm. We make bending to reach items and grabbing items stored up high easy for individuals who may have previously struggled. This tool is perfect for everyone, whether you’re a retiree, a volunteer, a highway clean-up program, or even just cleaning your own yard. This tool will eliminate harmful bending and stretching and ease strain for everyone!

The Grappler is available in several sizes to suit your personal needs. We have sizes ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. The 24-inch is best for people in wheelchairs, while the 48-inch version is recommended for people who want to remove or grab items while riding a lawnmower. The Grappler is designed with everyone in mind. We know it will be your new favorite tool!

We even offer a special order 96-inch Grappler for those who need to reach things really far away! Grapplers’ versatility is what makes these tools invaluable for both outdoor workers and for anyone with limited reaching capabilities.


Get your own Grappler today!

Why do I need the Grappler?

With the Grappler, you will be able to reach areas that you were previously unable to. Using the Grappler, you can:

  • Pick-up trash
  • River clean-up
  • Pool clean-up
  • Remove a frisbee stuck in a tree
  • Get debris out of a prickly bush
  • Remove boots off the top shelf
  • Collect eggs
  • Water your hanging flower baskets!
  • And so much more!

No matter what your pick-up or reaching needs, the Grappler can help. You will be astonished by how much it can do.

Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank you for having the excellent customer service of calling me about my return/exchange! It was SO gratifying that you cared about me. You were knowledgeable and concerned that I got what I really wanted.”

– Sarah P.

“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I recently purchased two Grapplers and two Handlers. I have been using one set this week to pick up litter and it is so easy with these tools. They both work great and my neighborhood is looking so much better. I’m glad I found your company on the internet.”

– Jane E.

“This tool absolutely has saved my life. It is not like any other grabber tool on the market. It picks up everything and is absolutely amazing. I plan on using it even after I am healed and able to bend. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.”

– Karen P.


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