Great job!

Hi Jay! Just a brief note to let you know that my Grappler is doing a great job for me, saving my legs from all that bending over. So glad you made it with sturdy parts! Hope things are going well for you and your business prospers in the future!

– Bruce O.

This is the best pick up tool ever.

I have several for outside use and 4 for the house. They are handy in the bathroom and kitchen to reach the high shelves in the cabinets. I keep one in the laundry room to reach items in my new washer that I can’t reach. I have given them as gifts to my daughter, sisters and a couple as a his and her gift. They all love them. As a gag gift I bought one for my teenage grandson and he was tickled to receive it. He uses it to pick up the clothes on his bedroom floor.

– Ann W.

I love your product!

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I recently purchased two Grapplers and two Handlers. I have been using one set this week to pick up litter and it is so easy with these tools. They both work great and my neighborhood is looking so much better. I’m glad I found your company on the Internet.

– Bruce O.

They are going to be jealous of mine!

I just wanted your company to know I purchased two Grapplers from you a few months back. They were for two friends of mine; one in her late 50′s and the other in her 80′s. They both love them and show it off to their friends and their husbands and everyone loves them and so I purchased another for myself today. Mine is the bigger one so I guess they are going to be jealous of mine now. We all love them and are telling everyone we know and that‘s in Fremont, California, Union City, and Newark, California. So I just had to let you all know how pleased we are with your product and everyone over 50 should be given one by their relatives if they only knew how great your product is and sturdy. There is nothing you can’t pick up.

– Christine M. (Fremont, CA)

Small acts of kindness go a long way

I want to thank you for having the excellent customer service of calling me about my return/exchange! It was SO gratifying that you cared about me. You were knowledgeable and concerned that I got what I really wanted.

I also would like to tell you that I ordered the grappler from you because it looked like a decently made in the United States product. I hope I love it to clean up my neighborhood and much further beyond! Thank you again for being a responsible human!

– Sarah P.

Wonderful tool!

Just a note to let you know what a wonderful tool the Grappler is.  I purchased a Grappler approximately a month ago, in anticipation of my Spinal Surgery.  I am not able to bend for the next 6 months.  This tool absolutely has saved my life.  It is not like any other grabber tool on the market.  It picks up everything and is absolutely amazing.  I plan on using it even after I am healed and able to bend.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

– Karen P. (Florida)

A Really Well-Designed Product!

I just received my 33″ industrial-strength Grappler a couple of days ago. For years I have used I couple of the Unger grabbers that sell for approximately $30.00. I like them a lot and can use them quite effectively. I decided to give your product a try based on your advertising and ended up with the industrial strength version. The stronger grip and greater opening appealed to me.

I’m not sure if the jaws are coated with the same material as the basic Grappler, but whatever it is works wonders. I have extremely stiff joints from arthritis and find bending difficult and dangerous. I decided that the tool has paid for itself already. I can be taking a shower and the Industrial strength will EASILY pick up a dropped, wet bar of soap! You might want to add this to your marketing materials since I don’t believe any other products can do this.

Thanks again for a really well-designed product. It is also really easy to wipe it dry after the shower and I’m not worried about rust since it’s aluminum. Feel free to use my endorsement in any of your marketing or advertising materials.

– Mark P. (Oak Point, TX)

This thing is built like a tank!

This thing is built like a tank! I picked up a personal safe like they sell at Walmart–fireproof, very heavy–someone had thrown it away in a dumpster and I grabbed ahold of it with these and picked it right up. Like catching a big catfish, I pulled it right up. No bending or weak jaws that keep slipping off. Very happy with it. Everyone should have one of these. NICE WIDE JAW picked up a 2-liter bottle. I just don’t think you will find a better grabber reacher than this for the money. It. came well packed in a box, not wrapped in plastic. Very well made just what the [doctor] ordered . . WOULD GIVE IT A 10 STAR RATING BUT AMAZON ONLY HAS 5 BUT I SAY 10 10 10 10 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!

– Randy N.

Thanks for a tremendous product!

I recently acquired one of your 33 inch long Grapplers and The Handler for use around my house. This last weekend our church had a day of service where we went and cleaned up a nearby park. I brought them both along because I knew they would help me greatly.

What I did not expect was the reaction from all of the other people doing service with me. While everyone was bending over picking up pieces of paper, used water bottles, leftover paintball gun parts, etc. I was quickly and easily reaching both large and small items (sometimes extremely small!) with ease and saving my back in the process. I really appreciated The Handler because it made using the simple 5-gallon bucket a whole lot easier to use.

A regular handle on a 5-gallon bucket would have required me to constantly bend over or to pick up my Grappler too high to easily put things inside of it. This was a great combination of tools. Everyone I worked with wanted more information about these products and they all said that they were going to order some for themselves. When we met the next day at church, I was one of the few who was not complaining about an aching back! Thanks for making these tremendous products. I am certain they will last me for years.

– Kelly S. (Sparks, NV)

I use Grappler almost every day!

I am a retired physician and a full-time RV’er and have been doing volunteer work in many western locations for almost ten years.  About five years ago while visiting the Salt River Park in Mesa Arizona, I volunteered to pick up thousands of beer cans, bottles, and other debris left in and around the river by weekend rafters.

The park service gave me a three-foot Grappler and I spent almost three months picking at least a ton of cans and bottles from the river, most of them heavy with sand and debris, using the Grappler.

By the end of this adventure I was completely sold on the tool and in spite of buying several other cheaper and lighter products over the years, I have found the Grappler to be durable and well suited to picking up not only debris but also firewood pieces weighing up to twenty pounds, as well as small items that were out of reach and even major litter such as discarded car tires filled with sand and floating hazards such as large pieces of Styrofoam, gas cans and construction materials thrown away by litterers in four states.

I use the Grappler almost every day.  Even after five years, its rivets and spring are still doing their jobs and the handle continues to work even though it cracked long ago… I could hardly hope for a more durable piece of equipment.

– Julie J. (Arizona)

Excellent product!

Had a small issue with a rubber tip missing when the product arrived.

E-mailed Grapplers through Amazon and was promptly contacted by Grapplers not only by email but also by a phone call to apologize for the error and to confirm where to send a new tip and a set of replacement tips.

I consider this level of customer service above and beyond what many places provide today. With a 1 – 5 Star Rating, I give them a 5!

– Brent W. (Illinois)

Great grabber for heavy loads like wet towels.

I have this in a 24” length and it is just perfect for helping me with my laundry. I’m not allowed to bend, so I have to sit in a chair and pull my tangled, wet clothes and towels out and into the basket between the washer or dryer and me–but I can’t bend forward. My other grabber is outstanding for other chores, but the pinch strength is not strong enough for wet towels. This one has flat “hands” at the end, with some sort of grabbing substance on them, not silicone cups. That makes it good for getting flat things off the floor, too, by picking up an edge. The 36″ length on the other grabber, while good for everything else, is no good for laundry. This one is rated for 17.2 lbs. and the usual ones more for 5 lbs. I am in love with this! It is made of heavy-duty steel, too. It looks like it will last forever.

– Sally A.

The Grappler saved my back!

I bought my 40″ grappler last year. I mow lawns commercially with a 25hp 60″ cut Exmark Lazer Z mower. [The Grappler] saved my back and [from having to] get up and down so much! Yesterday it fell off my mower and I ran over it. It bent, twisted, and was cut. The handle wasn’t hurt but all else destroyed. I can’t live without it so I placed an order yesterday for a new one. I can send a picture if you like. But I do say it’s amazing and saves my back and a lot of time! Best tool I ever bought! I may try a 48″ too soon.

– Jim T. (Indiana)

I am extremely satisfied with my experience!

Thank you for the time and information you have provided. I am extremely satisfied with my experience with both The Grappler and the Customer Service during this process. This was a delight and a very smooth process. Please feel free to post. It is indeed a rarity to find great customer service these days and it was very refreshing. Thank you again, looking forward to my next purchase from you in the future, and have a fantastic summer.

– Jon H. (Florida)

Excellent service!

After three months of very rigorous use, I broke the handle (due to overly aggressive use and not a defect). I contacted the seller and asked if I could receive a new handle. I received a response the same day I contacted them, then received the new handle a few days later free of charge. Not only does Grapplers Inc. provide great products, but they also back them up with excellent service!

– Glenn W. (California)

I will be buying more.

I like your product, especially because they are made in America. I think I will be buying some soon.

– Jimmy M. (Canada)

So much better than anything else available

I bought your 40-inch grabber on Amazon because I currently have a leg/back injury and bending over is difficult. Your product is so much better than anything else available. I feel like it will be a really great tool to have around.

– Ben G.