Benefits of the Handy Bag Ringer:

Once you own the Handy Bag Ringer, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. After you behold its simple design, easy of use, lightness, and incredible portability, you will become baffled as to why no one ever thought of it before. Here are just a few of the many benefits to owning the Handy Bag Ringer:


1. Fall cleanup: Those leaves are so beautiful… until they are all over your lawn. Quit wrestling with plastic bags and hauling large trash bins all over the yard. Every year, the bag doesn’t fit over your outdoor trash receptacle and leaf pickup becomes an effort in futility: going it alone is impossible, and having someone else hold the bag wide open proves ineffective. The Handy Bag Ringer accommodates ANY size bag, is easily transported, and, unlike your kids, won’t whine at you when you ask it to keep your bag wide open.


2. “Carry in, carry out” destinations: Store the Handy Bag Ringer in your car and have it ready for picnics, camping trips, and other excursions where trash receptacles are absent. Without an anchor to hold on to, your trash bag will get sticky, dirty, and may fly off into a nearby tree. With the Handy Bag Ringer, suddenly you have a trash receptacle no one can ignore. Purchase two Handy Bag Ringers: one for trash, one for recycling!


3. Mass cleanup efforts: Looking for an affordable way to maximize your large-scale cleanup project? Look no further than the Handy Bag Ringer! The Handy Bag Ringer is much less expensive than any large garbage receptacle, and it’s portable! Perfect for highway cleanups, Parks and Recreation departments, and large outdoor OR indoor events, the Handy Bag Ringer gives trash a secure place to go.