What is the Handler?


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Making a simple bucket easier to use

On its own, The Grappler is the best trash pick-up tool on the market. Combine it with the Handler accessory, and it blows all other reaching tools out of the competition.

The Grappler is the commercial, lightweight, durable grabber tool most used by Parks and Recreation departments across the country. The Handler is a lightweight bucket positioning accessory that easily attaches to any size bucket, making that bucket easily portable and accessible off the ground.

When used with the Grappler, the Handler lessens repetitious bending over, alleviating back strain and thereby facilitating easier and faster cleanup.

Turn ordinary buckets into ergonomic trash receptacles

Designed to work with the Grappler, here are three ways the Handler can help you:

  1. The Handler is easy on your back, knees, shoulders, and neck. Limit needless bending, stretching, and twisting by carrying your bucket attached to the Handler. Simply pick up trash and debris with the Grappler and quickly drop it into your bucket without ever having to bend down.
  2. The Handler saves you time. Not only is your bucket easily accessible thanks to the Handler’s extended pole, but this pick-up tool is designed to make your bucket extremely portable. The Handler is lightweight and easily carried. Using the Handler maximizes productivity by eliminating two time-suckers: bending over to pick up trash and carrying it back to a trash receptacle.
  3. The Handler saves energy: Suddenly, a day of rigorous cleanup becomes a mere walk in the park. Constant bending over and aggravating fights with trash bags wear a person out. Combine the Handler with the Grappler, and not only is clean up quick but is much less physically demanding than without these hard-working pick-up tools. Spend a couple hours working outside, and still have plenty of energy for play.

Perfect for any cleanup project.

The Handler is perfect for highway cleanup, park clean up, even backyard clean up. Without the Handler, your bucket or plastic bag is carried about awkwardly and will require setting it down to reach it so you don’t misplace your trash. This rigamarole occurs every time you go to throw the debris away!

The other option? Your bucket remains stationary, and you must make continuous trips back, bending over to throw garbage away. With the Handler, you carry your bucket with you, but at a respectable distance, so throwing away litter and debris is straightforward: no awkward bending, no spilling, and no accidental knocking over of your bucket. You will be amazed at how much faster cleanup goes when you use the Handler.


Get your own Handler today

You won’t find a similar product anywhere else.

Designed to work with the Grappler, the Handler works to a) facilitate fast cleanup and b) eliminate physical stress caused by bending, stretching, and twisting during cleanup procedures.

The Handler attaches to any size bucket and sets the bucket just far enough from the body to make trash relocation a cinch. Attaching the Handler to a common, everyday household bucket is simple. Once attached, your bucket is absolutely secure; it’s not going anywhere!

Like other Grappler Inc. products, the Handler is made to last. When combined with the Grappler, these innovative pick-up tools could revolutionize large-scale cleaning efforts.

Don’t wait to try the Handler.

Can’t wait to try the Handler? Please call for more information about international and US purchases! The bucket is not included but it is easy to attach to your own Handler to any 5 Gallon bucket.

The Handler is great for mass clean-up projects. Grapplers Inc. offers significant volume discounts for park maintenance and other government agencies when they make larger purchases. Volume discounts vary with the size of your order.

Customer Testimonials

“I want to thank you for having the excellent customer service of calling me about my return/exchange! It was SO gratifying that you cared about me. You were knowledgeable and concerned that I got what I really wanted.”

– Sarah P.

“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I recently purchased two Grapplers and two Handlers. I have been using one set this week to pick up litter and it is so easy with these tools. They both work great and my neighborhood is looking so much better. I’m glad I found your company on the internet.”

– Jane E.

“This tool absolutely has saved my life. It is not like any other grabber tool on the market. It picks up everything and is absolutely amazing. I plan on using it even after I am healed and able to bend. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.”

– Karen P.


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