10 ft Industrial Grade Grappler

10 ft Industrial Grade Grappler

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  • The Industrial Strength Grade Grappler for use in below-freezing conditions (no plastic parts)
  • $649.99 Plus Shipping and Handling (Please call for final pricing and shipping)
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The Grappler is a versatile reach tool that easily grabs:

  • Any type of litter, from large bottles to newspapers
  • Twigs, leaves, or anything that’s in your yard.
  • Unhygienic materials: animal carcasses, pet feces, etc.
  • Small items even toothpicks!
  • And much more!

Benefits of the Grappler

  • Safety: With the Grappler, reaching into previously inaccessible spaces is easy.  Don’t try to climb or use unstable objects to get into high places.  Stay out of prickly bushes or bee-infested trees.  Use the Grappler!
  • Efficiency: The Grappler is great for mass cleanups or yard pickups.  Its ease of use and effective design make picking up faster and more straightforward than ever before. The Grappler is perfect for riding lawnmowers.  Need to remove a branch or a children’s toy?  Use the Grappler, and never leave your seat.
  • Health: The Grappler eliminates needless bending over, stretching, and squatting. It is created in a variety of sizes so that it can be ordered to fit your personal needs.  Save your back and knees; use a reaching tool!
  • Longevity: The Grappler is commercially made. It will withstand the elements without rusting and is designed to do hours of hard manual labor.  This pick-up tool is made to last!

Additional information

Who can benefit from using the Grappler?

The Grappler is the perfect long reach grabber because it’s not heavy but still sturdy because it’s made with aluminum so it’s easy to handle for anyone. This grabber reacher is designed to feel like an extension of yourself to make it easy for anyone who is having trouble bending over to reach items or grabbing things stored up high. This tool is perfect for everyone whether you’re a retiree, a volunteer, or a highway cleanup program, or cleaning your lawn this tool will eliminate harmful bending and stretching. The Grappler is available in different sizes to suit your personal needs. We have sizes available from 24 inches up to 48 inches. Our 24 inch one is best for people in wheelchairs, while the 48-inch version is recommended for people who want to remove or grab items while riding a lawnmower. The Grappler’s versatility is what makes it the best pick up tool because it’s designed with everyone in mind. We even offer a special order 96″ version for those who need to reach things really far away! Its versatility is what makes it an invaluable grab it tool for both outdoor workers and for those with limited reaching capabilities.

Why do I need the Grappler?

With the Grappler, you will be able to reach areas that you were previously unable to. You will be able to get a frisbee unstuck from a tree, get debris out of a prickly bush, and even water your hanging flower baskets. No matter what your need, the Grappler is the reach extension and commercial grade pick-up and grab tool that can help. You will be astonished by how much it can do.

The Grappler Pick Up Tool makes yard cleanup easier and safer

Yard clean up often requires putting your hands or arms into areas that you just don’t want to reach into… a prickly shrub, around dog poop or into a murky pond. Picking up rubbish from all around the yard is sometimes uncomfortable or even unsafe. The Grappler can help with all of these tasks making things safer, easier and even more fun! It’s the perfect litter pick up tool! Rubbish pick up from under a fence or grabbing debris from up in a tree will spare you unnecessary bending and stretching. How about reaching that bird feeder? The Grappler is a long reach grabber you will often find helpful. We manufacture various sizes of grabber tools to suit your needs. You can purchase any standard size online here…Pick Up Tools. If you have . We heard of some of our competing products, we have done an extensive analysis of the differences between our products here: comparison products to the Grappler are not afraid to show them because we simply believe we have the best product in the world and want to share it with you.


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