Grapplers help your community

Adopt-a-Highway highway cleanup volunteers strengthen our communities and our country with Grappler Tools!

Many community-conscientious individuals volunteer to clean up our highways and byways. These volunteer litter pick-up programs are making a difference for all of us. Taking to heart the fruit of their efforts, they enjoy the work. Serving the community is rewarding.

Nonprofit organizations are embracing and supporting these projects. They are demonstrating to all of us the importance of community spirit.

We offer a volume discount to Adopt-A-Highway program coordinators and State Department of Transportation agents purchasing for Adopt-a-Highway programs. Please call for more information!

Customer Testimonials

“I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! I recently purchased two Grapplers and two Handlers. I have been using one set this week to pick up litter and it is so easy with these tools. They both work great and my neighborhood is looking so much better. I’m glad I found your company on the internet.”

– Jane E., Canada

“I want to thank you for having the excellent customer service of calling me about my return/exchange! It was SO gratifying that you cared about me. You were knowledgeable and concerned that I got what I really wanted.”

– Sarah P.

“I received my order of two American Made Grapplers this afternoon, I can’t wait to toss the knock off from overseas junk in the garbage. The first one worked very smooth and I look forward to using it tomorrow cleaning up my property.”

– Steve W., Florida

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