THE GRAPPLER reach and grab tool:

The Grappler - Grab ToolsThe Grappler may be the most versatile and useful tool you ever own.  Used by DOT employees as a litter pick-up tool, the Grappler is made out of resilient rustproof aluminum.  Tough enough to withstand hours of labor, this sturdy pick-up and grab tool is valued by outdoor workers for its ongoing durability. The wide mouth, strong grip, and sturdy rod, make the Grappler the preferred choice of Parks and Recreation Departments all over.  The Grappler reaching tool easily grabs:


  • Litter, from newspapers to full 24 oz bottles of liquid, the Grappler quickly gets it all.
  • Small branches.
  • Things you wouldn’t want to touch: dog feces, animal carcasses, unhygienic materials, etc.
  • Items as small as a toothpick!
  • Much, much more…


You would think something so sturdy must be heavy.  Not so!  The Grappler is made with aluminum, so it is lightweight and easy to handle. The Grappler is perfect for people who have trouble bending over to reach items or who need assistance grabbing items stored up high.  The pick-up and grab it tool is specifically designed so that it feels like an extension of one’s self, whether you are a Lawn Care Professional, a retiree, or a volunteer for a highway clean-up program.  The goal of the Grappler reaching tool is to eliminate repetitive harmful bending and stretching.


The Grappler comes in different lengths, so that you can customize your purchase based on your needs.  For instance, the 24 inch Grappler is recommended for individuals in wheelchairs, while the 48 inch version is perfect for those who wish to remove items while on a riding lawn mower. We even offer a special order 96″ version for those who need to reach things really far away!  Its versatility is what makes it an invaluable grab it tool for both outdoor workers and for those with limited reaching capabilities.


With the Grappler, it is suddenly easy to reach into areas once inaccessible.  Easily grab the Frisbee stuck in the tree, the birdhouse high on a pole, or the shoes resting on the top shelf in your closet.  Grab the socks that have gotten stuck behind the washer, or the small pill bottle that rolled off the counter.  Get debris out from a prickly bush, and easily water your hanging flower baskets.  Use the Grappler to get to places you would never want your hand to reach into! With the Grappler, all of this is possible.


No matter what your need, the Grappler is the reach extension and commercial grade pick-up and grab tool that can help.  You will be astonished by how much it can do.

The Grappler Reach and Grab Tool