In order to provide companies in need of help with longer reaching distances, Grapplers, Inc. has created a special Grappler long reach tool for a paper company in Alabama.

This new extra-long Grappler is 16 feet long, and made especially for one purpose only: pulling down paper off a long roll to attach it to the printer. Extending beyond the height of two grown men put together, the new long reach tool is expected to be used in this operation only and it is not really useful for many other situations because of several factors. It was made for one purpose only and will find very limited use outside of this request from the company (which has since purchased 3 more).

But Grapplers Inc does offer several other longer reach Grapplers that can be very useful for other needs and range from 2’ long all the way to 8’ long. The benefits of an extended Grappler are expected to be numerous. The tool may help prevent injuries and strain on workers by eliminating the need for dangerous ladders or forklifts. Companies are expected to save on costs as a result. The new Grappler is also expected to make storing items in high areas more accessible for the average company, increasing store space and convenience.

Maintenance companies can use a long reach Grappler tool for cleaning out sewer systems, outhouses, pit toilets, drainage pipes, and a host of other uses. Garbage truck operators for numerous applications have used the long Grapplers. Bomb squads could use it for picking up dangerous items keeping them farther away from potential chemical and explosive hazards. But please note that the longer the Grappler, the more difficult it is to pick something up. If extending out horizontally or at the wrong angle, it can become impossible for anyone, no matter how strong they are, to pick up anything, so please let the company know what you plan on doing with it and they can help you with your purchase.

The company stresses that this new long reach tool is not the standard trash pick-up tool that it normally sells. Instead, it is uniquely designed for pulling down the paper from a large roll and is both difficult to reach as well as far away from the individual using the tool. At 16’ long, the world’s largest Grappler is much too long to use in everyday cleanup operations, but the company assures the public that its regular Grappler is still available to do just that.

People interested in learning more about the new extended Grappler and how and the company’s standard trash pick-up tools may find out more information at

About the Company:
Grapplers, Inc. is an award-winning company created by Jay and Bonnie Thiessens. The company provides a wide variety of tools to assist both individuals and businesses with everyday living, from specialty hobby accessories to reaching products. Grapplers, Inc. is known for its superior customer service, quality products and helpful, friendly staff.

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