It’s the new year, and the relatives are leaving soon, if not already. The long-lasting parties and dinners are winding down to refrigerated leftovers, and now it’s time to settle back into your routine. But there is one problem; your house still thinks it’s on holiday! But the break is over, and now it’s time to clean up and get your home back in order. Where do you begin? Who can help you? How will you get everything back the way it was a few weeks ago? You’ve got help in arms reach with the Grappler pickup tool.

The Grappler tool helps you help yourself when you need an extra hand with household chores. There is no need to ask the family members who are staying with you to help clean up while visiting your home. You can now store and retrieve objects in hard-to-reach places carefully without reaching and bending with the Grappler. The Grappler is made in different lengths to fit people of all shapes and sizes. And because of that, we are proud to say our product is considered the best on the market.

So now, after the holidays, the Grappler can reach behind the chest of drawers, the dresser, or the work table to grab those ornaments that fell while you were decorating the Christmas tree. You heard the ornaments drop, and you saw them roll, so you know exactly where they are located. Thanks to your good memory, you can now use your Grappler to retrieve those objects that have ended up in hard-to-reach places. And you can do it without hurting yourself. The Grappler tool alleviates the need to bend over or, worse, crawl underneath large furniture, like beds, to get the items you need.

So after your work on the inside is handled, it’s time to take on the yard outside. Outdoors has its share of pick up and removal waiting to be addressed, too. If debris has accumulated from careless passersby or just litter from windy days, the Handy Bag Ringer can help you get a handle on your trash bags as you use the Grappler to reach and pick up messy trash. The Bag Ringer turns your everyday trash bag into a portable, sturdy, secure trash bag. Not even strong winds can turn a trash bag inside out with the Handy Bag Ringer. It is a lightweight, hand-held device that holds the bag’s mouth open so you can insert trash and keep it moving.

If you use a bucket instead of bags to get your job done, you definitely need the Handler. This lightweight bucket positioning accessory minimizes repetitive bending over, reducing back strain and making the cleaning process easier and faster. The Handler attaches to any size bucket, making a portable container that is accessible off the ground.

No back-bending, trash-spilling trash when you use the tool extension that makes tasks that would ordinarily be hard to reach well within your range and the Handler or Handy Bag Ringer. You can tackle jobs at your pace and accomplish much with minimal effort using your handy Grappler tools.

Our manufacturer, Grapplers, Inc., is located in Sparks, NV, and has been building reach extension and commercial grade litter pickup tools since 1992. We are the only USA-made litter pickup tool on the market! We took what we learned to develop a dependable tool that will allow you to pick up and place items in hard-to-reach places where you want them to be for safekeeping or storage. With the help of our tools, even lightweight objects can be easily retrieved without unnecessary bending or stretching.

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