It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Holiday time means hanging decorations from the rooftops and tree limbs in hard-to-reach places. It also means cleaning up for visitors and storing things out of sight. The Grappler tool to the rescue! You need help this holiday season, and we have the grabber you need to get you ready to entertain. From storing important objects high up on shelves to cleaning up dropped food after a night with company, the Grappler tool can help you with ease. Never have to bend over to pick up a used napkin under the table again! Our extension tool will help you keep the home clean while entertaining, without you having to struggle or ask for help.


Who doesn’t love decorating the inside of the home for the holidays? Stringing Christmas lights around the ceiling-high tree or placing greenery on the mantle are only some of the many decorations that make the holidays feel more joyous. However, turning the home into a winter wonderland can take a toll on the body. And this is where the Grappler extension reach tool comes in to assist. The Grappler tool can help you hang all of your beautiful bows around the home and place your gold glittered tree topper star on top of your 13-foot high tree without a struggle.


The holiday season means spending time with family and friends in the house. Unfortunately, this also means cleaning up the home, so visitors won’t accidentally break essential pieces in your home. Time to put away valuable glass objects and unique memorabilia from places traveled near and far. The Grappler tool can help you place your treasured items high up on shelves, away from small children and clumsy guests who might have had too much eggnog. We love our family and friends, but we also love our home and value the items we’ve collected over the years.


There is no avoiding it; you have to pick up and clean up after your guests, even if they are family. The Grabbler can make cleaning easy and maybe, less of a chore. Using the Grappler, you can pick up used items without even touching them; there is no need to wear protective gloves and no bending, stretching, or squatting when using the Grappler tool. And if you are using trash bags, the Handy Bag Ringer will help you manage and maneuver those trash bags like they were bins, only lighter and with more control. Until now, your idea of a portable trash can was probably the nearest supermarket bag you could grab before walking out the door. The Handy Bag Ringer is lightweight and easy to open once attached to the bag.

Whether decorating or cleaning up after your guests, our Grappler reach tool can help make your life easier. The Grappler is the perfect long-reach grabber. It’s not heavy, but it is made with sturdy aluminum, so it’s easy to handle for anyone. With the Grappler tool, you will be able to reach areas you were previously unable to. No matter what your need, the Grappler is the reach extension and commercial grade pick-up and grab tool that can help you this holiday season!

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