Suffering from chronic pain is one of life’s difficulties and as you get older, there is more pain you have to deal with. Surgery is a great way to resolve pain but the recovery process can be tedious especially without the right tools to help you through.

Some of the most common surgeries to address pain, are for the back, knees, and hips. Surgeries around the back are some of the most painful and difficult to recover from but no surgery is a walk in the park.

To help with recovery it’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions which typically include:

  • No Reaching
  • No Bending
  • No Lifting
  • Lots of Rest
  • And Moderate Movement

You want to return to fighting form as quickly as possible and we want to help. We have provided tips below along with suggestions for one of our Grappler reaching tools to help you maintain some dignity and independence during your recovery process so you don’t feel like a burden to your family.

1. Don’t Strain Yourself, Buy A Grappler

When you’ve just had surgery, it’s very common for doctors to tell you not to strain yourself. If you’ve had back surgery, this may mean no lifting objects, for knee or hip surgery it may mean no long walks, or that you should avoid walking on uneven and slanted ground.

To avoid straining yourself, ask for help as much as possible. But what if you live alone? Or only have in-home care part of the time?

The worst thing you can do is strain yourself ruining the doctor’s fine work stitching you closed or the internal art they did to repair your body, causing more pain and, worst case, needing another surgery. Our Grappler tools can help you reach for items without stretching or pulling your body. The Grappler reaching tool also helps you avoid straining yourself by keeping your muscle movement focused in your arm.

2. Avoid Bending, Use a Grappler

One of the ways, in particular, you can strain yourself is by bending over. Before surgery, you maybe could bend over but right after surgery, you should be careful with your movements.

Simple tasks like grabbing the remote or an object that fell on the floor are not as easy as they once were. Our Grappler reaching tool can be used to reach items that are just out of reach without you moving, or pick up items off the floor without you bending over, straining yourself after surgery.

If you need help moving around and reaching for items, our Gain Cane is another handy tool for those recovering from surgery. For instance, if you need to go into the kitchen and grab a cup from the top shelf in your cupboard, the Gain Cane can help you ease through that whole process by being a cane as you walk and then a reaching tool when you need an item.

Some of our customers who’ve recovered from surgery have even used the Gain Cane and Grappler reaching tool to help them put on socks! With our tools, you will have more independence during your recovery without compromising the doctor’s handy work.

3. Get Plenty of Rest

Rest and recovery go hand in hand. When you first get out of surgery you will probably feel like sleeping all the time. But you will still need to do things like go to the bathroom, eat, and might even be away enough that you want to watch TV or have some amount of entertainment.

Use the Gain Cane to get back and forth from bed to bathroom when you don’t have someone around to help (if you’re at that level of recovery). You can also use the Grappler or Gain Cane to reach for items while you’re resting like the TV remote, snacks on the side table, or to reach the bell that you ring to summon your loving family member.

4. Move it, With Our Gain Cane

As you go through your recovery you eventually reach the glorious phase where you’re allowed to move more. Moving after surgery is hard so don’t expect to be running any races but moving is good for the body after surgery. It helps lubricate your joints, keeps your muscles from seizing up, and helps your internal organ activity as well.

After surgery putting one foot in front of the other can become exhausting which is why we recommend the Gain Gane to help you get around. It is lightweight and has gripping on the bottom to help you keep traction while walking and also help you pick up more slick items like the grape that feel off your plate and keeps rolling away or a piece of paper that would normally require you to bend over to pick it up.

When you start moving after surgery, don’t take chances with your safety. Use the Gain Cane to stay safe while you recover.

We’re not your doctor, and you should always consult your doctor on your recovery process. We only want to help you through these difficult times since we pride ourselves on creating reaching tools to help people regain independence; whether that’s as they age, during surgery, or in other circumstances.

As you recover from your surgery, consider one of our reaching tools for you or your loved one to help them keep some of their independence and injuries by trying to do something beyond their capabilities alone while going through recovery. Give a helping hand with one of our Grappler tools or the Gain Cane. Purchase Yours Today!

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