Gardening is a true source of joy for many people, whether it is beautiful flowers bursting forth from greenery or delicious homegrown vegetables. However, as some individuals age or develop injuries, gardening becomes very difficult. Leaning over to pick weeds, water flowers, and kneeling down to reach gardening items can be very painful and for some, impossible. Having a Grappler makes gardening easier for these individuals because it eliminates the need for them to bend over and strain their bodies.

What is a Grappler?

A Grappler is a tool that extends an individual’s reach from 24 inches all the way up to 96 inches. Think of it as an extension of the arm, making it possible for individuals to reach the ground without having to do harmful repetitive bending and stretching. Picking things up with the Grappler is very easy; it takes one squeeze of the hand. In addition to that, these types of grabbers are typically made from aluminum so they are very lightweight and easy to handle in order to get tough jobs done.

How a Grappler Can Help Around The Garden

When individuals have a Grappler to use in the garden, they can easily handle the tasks standing up that they would normally have to bend over to do. This eliminates the repetitive bending and stretching that can be damaging or painful to those who are not as young as they used to be or who have injuries. The Grappler can be used while standing or sitting, so wheelchair-bound individuals can accomplish their gardening tasks as well. It is an all-around useful tool that can make certain chores related to gardening and many other areas of life much easier.

Amazing Things a Grappler Can Do in the Garden

A Grappler can handle the toughest tasks, making gardening super easy for those who cannot bend over the way they used to. In fact, while these kinds of grabbers are tough enough to lift potted plants, they are also able to pick up something as small as a toothpick. This means individuals can use the Grappler to weed the garden, remove dead leaves and stems, and to help them with any other reaching or bending activity they may need to do in the garden.

Other Outdoor Work Grabbers Can Handle

There are many other uses for grabbers outdoors. They can be used to move debris out of the way from the comfort of the owner’s riding lawn mower, preventing him or her from having to get off the mower to move items. It can be used to take down birdhouses for easy seed replacement, or for rescuing items caught in trees like balls or kites. Individuals can even use it to pick up trash on their property without having to bend over and grab the items repeatedly. It is also very useful for items that individuals would not want to touch with their hands.

Having a Grappler makes certain gardening tasks easier, allowing individuals to enjoy their passion even when it is becoming more and more difficult to bend over and kneel in the garden. It is also very useful for other tasks and can really be a valuable tool for someone who is unable to do all of the things above without some form of help.

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