A grabber tool allows individuals to reach things they might not normally reach, and as an extension of the hand, lets them grab those items. This is a very big help when it comes to bird feeders, especially for seniors or individuals with disabilities. Grabbers should be kept in the garden shed or in the home to help with tasks in the garden, especially when it comes to bird feeders that are designed to hang in trees or specially constructed poles in the yard.

What Exactly is a Grabber?

A grabber is an extension of the arm, which consists of aluminum arms that end in flexible “grabbers.” Individuals squeeze a trigger-like device and the jaws of the grabber close, allowing users to grasp onto nearly anything, from super-small items like a toothpick to larger items like a bottle of soda. There are many, many benefits to using a grabber, especially for outdoor jobs and chores. It is very handy in the garden and helps individuals reach beyond their arm length.

No Ladders

Using a grabber tool to hang the bird feeder means that individuals do not have to climb on ladders in order to reach the feeder or to replace the seed. This is important for older individuals, as it prevents the possibility of an injury resulting from a fall off the ladder. Users simply reach their arm up with the grabber and grasp the bird feeder to lift it, or raise the bird feeder up and hang it where it belongs – all without needing to climb at all. This is a much safer method than climbing on ladders and trying to reach bird feeders from dangerous positions.

Protecting Bird Feeders from Cats

With grabbers, individuals can hang their bird feeders out of the reach of cats and other animals that might want to annoy or even harm those pretty birds. Bird feeder poles are available and wonderful to use, but they can be hard to reach without the help of a ladder. The grabber tool will reach them and help get that bird feeder out of the reach of cats and other potentially harmful animals.


Before purchasing the grabber to use with birdfeeders, many people are going to want to know the price of the tool. They are extremely affordable, and cost less than the price of a ladder. For just a few dollars, individuals receive the peace of mind knowing that they can get the things they need without having to climb on a ladder or bend over to pick the feeders up. For this reason, it makes a great gift for older people who cannot quite move around the way they used to. It can reach things and pick things up off the floor, and do much more.

Grabber tools are very helpful and should be considered by anyone who has beautiful bird feeders or who has garden chores to tend to. It promotes safety and allows individuals to get things done quickly and easily.


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