Most people do not go to the store or to an online shop with the intention of purchasing a pick up tool. However, it is something that ends up being a valuable item for everyone who purchases it. There are numerous benefits of owning pick up tools, and they can be used by virtually anyone. Understanding some of their uses can help outline the benefits and advantages.

Seniors and Disabled Individuals

Pick up tools are extremely helpful for seniors or disabled individuals who are wheelchair bound and who have a limited reach. The tools can be used to gain access to things otherwise unavailable for these individuals. From something as simple as grabbing a remote control from the top of a television set to getting the phone from the countertop in an emergency, these tools provide independence and control. They make day-to-day living a lot easier for individuals who otherwise would not be able to access the things they need without help.


Pick up tools are very helpful when it comes to maintaining safety during certain jobs. They allow individuals to pick up items that might be unsafe for their hands to touch, such as garbage. These tools can be used to maintain safety while cleaning the yard, sorting through recycling items, and handling other jobs. Pick up tools make jobs like this much easier to accomplish without compromising health and safety.


Pick up tools are wonderful for “adopt a highway” teams and volunteers who pick up garbage and waste along highways and roads. With tools like the Grappler, individuals never have to touch the item they are picking up. In fact, it does not even come anywhere near their hand. Organizations and companies can benefit by providing their volunteer workers with pick up tools to easily remove debris and garbage from road sides and medians. Pick up tools work by allowing individuals to grab virtually anything (paper trash, larger debris, etc) and deposit it into a bag without ever placing a hand on the garbage that has been picked up.

Company Use

For those who have difficulty getting items from a top shelf or storage area, pick up tools can be a very valuable item to have in stock. Individuals can simply grab the pick up tool and add up to 96-inches to their reach. This eliminates the need for step stools and ladders that could become a potential hazard or workman’s compensation suit. Pick up tools are able to grab almost everything, from items as small as a toothpick to larger items, like 24-ounce bottles of liquid or awkward boxes. Companies can benefit greatly from having pick up tools on hand.

While it might not be the first thing an individual thinks of when they are out shopping, they will come to rely on pick up tools and be extremely thankful that they have one or more around to handle tough reaching jobs and to pick up less than desirable items.

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