Average Trash Output of One Individual

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that every American produces 5.91 pounds of trash per day, with 1.51 pounds being recycled to reduce the strain on our environment. That amounts to a daily average of 4.40 pounds of waste for each person in the US.

Grapplers Inc. understands the impact of an individual’s trash output on the environment, that’s why we provide tools designed to help minimize that detriment. Our great selection of reusable products and waste management systems can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life, helping you decrease your negative environmental footprint while still being able to enjoy the same comforts as before. Our Grapplers line of reusable tools help manage recyclables and master waste. Grapplers Inc. has something for everyone interested in reducing their trash output and taking care of our planet. Take a look at all Grapplers Inc. has to offer today and see how easy it is to become part of the solution.

How Can You Help?

By Grapplers Inc. you’re already on your way to reducing waste, increasing reuse, and saving the planet. Grapplers Inc. is dedicated to making it easy for anyone, anywhere to make a positive contribution to our environment – one purchase at a time. Grapplers Inc. provides products that are meant to last so that you can count on them for years, not weeks or months like some disposable items. Let Grapplers Inc. help you make small changes in your life that can have big effects on the environment. With Grapplers Inc., it’s never been easier (or more stylish) to be eco-friendly. Make the switch today and start helping save the planet with us.

Grapplers Inc. is committed to providing customers with the tools they need to reduce their trash output and take care of our planet. With a wide variety of products, it is easy for you to be eco-friendly. Every purchase helps contribute to saving the environment and Grapplers Inc. is proud to be part of the solution. Start making a difference today with Grapplers Inc. – let’s make sure this planet lasts for generations to come.

Go Green with Grapplers Inc.

Grappler Tools are the perfect way to help your community and those who volunteer for Adopt-a-Highway highway cleanup programs! With their hard work, these volunteers make a positive difference in our communities and country. Not only do they benefit from cleaning up highways, but also get immense joy out of serving the public. With Grappler tools, you can join them as active participants in creating a cleaner environment for everyone around us.

Nonprofit organizations are embracing and supporting these projects. They are demonstrating to all of us the importance of community spirit. We offer a volume discount to Adopt-A-Highway program coordinators and State Department of Transportation agents purchasing for Adopt-a-Highway programs. Please call for more information! 

Thank you for choosing Grapplers Inc. Your purchase is invaluable in our mission to save the planet. Together we can make a difference.

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