More Than Just Trash - Other Uses for Your Grappler

While our Grapplers Inc. products are most notably used for picking up and disposing of trash, litter, and recycling, they also have a variety of other benefits to uphold! If you are looking for another purpose for your Grappler, continue reading.

Never Out of Reach

Grapplers are an effective extension of your arm. If you have back issues, leg issues, or even get dizzy bending over, a Grappler can be a helpful alternative to picking things up off the ground. Conversely, Grapplers can be used to reach items that are above your normal extension. Whether you are dusting a high shelf, or grabbing out of reach items, your grappler can be adjusted for numerous purposes. Similarly, our products can be used to reach around furniture or other imposing items that are difficult to navigate. You will never have to worry about the sock behind your washer again!

On a more impactful note, Grapplers pickup and reaching tools are a perfect way to help give independence to individuals experiencing temporary or permanent disabilities by increasing mobility and extension. Help yourself or loved ones grab a hold of your goals with Grappler.

For the Things You Don’t Want to Touch

Grapplers products are versatile and practical. It is our mission to make your life easier. Inside or outside, these items know no bounds. Grapplers promote safety, efficiency, health, and longevity. All items are American-made and designed to be far longer lasting than our competitors. Make your day-to-day clean up, or big projects, easier with Grappler.

There are some things nobody looks forward to, like cleaning up after your pet or reaching into a sharp rose bush. Grappler items will help you get the job done, while avoiding direct contact.

Grapplers are excellent at preventing contamination. Hate touching the gas pump? Tuck your pickup tool inside your vehicle and avoid sharing germs with everyone who has used it before you!

In light of recent years, Grappler makes an effective device for minimizing contact while in public spaces. Avoid germs on your person by utilizing Grappler as a substitute. If you are concerned about biosecurity as it pertains to COVID-19, utilize your Grappler to minimize contact.

For the People in your Life

It might not be the first item that comes to your mind when you think of gifting, but Grappler is actually the perfect present for a loved one! Whether you know a new mom who is avoiding bending over, an elderly citizen trying to preserve their back, or someone on the shorter side avoiding lugging around a ladder to reach things on the top shelf, you can utilize Grappler to help simplify your life and the lives of people you care about.

Grapplers Inc. has been making reach extension and commercial-grade litter pickup tools since 1992. We believe that by listening to our customer’s concerns and focusing on providing superior quality products, we have managed to continue our success. Employing state-of-the-art equipment and very capable staff, we are always working toward the goal of producing better quality products and providing excellent customer service. Contact us to learn about more uses for our products today!

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