Grapplers pickup and reaching tools have endless uses! Here’s some of our favorites:

Yard Cleanup

Yard clean-up often requires putting your hands or arms into areas that you might not want to reach into, like prickly bushes, dark corners where spiders like to live, near dog poop, or in ponds and puddles. Not to worry! Grapplers allows you to reach these places with ease. Whether you are picking up large or small objects, use your Grappler for safer and easier yard cleanup.

Need to reach a hanging bird feeder? The Grappler’s long-reaching capabilities make it easy!

Use your Grappler to reach uncomfortable and unsafe areas of your yard and make your yard cleanup to-dos safer, easier, and even more fun!

Litter Cleanup

Use your Grappler to pick up litter around your yard or community. From loose debris that blew into your yard in a windstorm to cans, bottles, and other trash you might encounter on a walk, Grapplers allow you to avoid bending over to pick up trash and eliminates the need to touch litter.

Household Cleanup

Nearly every household has decorations on a mantlepiece or above the cupboards. Though these decorations add character to a room, they can be hard to access and clean. Enter, your Grappler reaching tool! Your Grappler helps you grab large and small items in hard-to-reach places for easy cleaning and reorganizing.

Tired of losing socks behind the dryer? Use your Grappler to rescue lost socks and other items that fall behind the couch, dryer, or any other too-large-to-move furniture in your home.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorations can be beautiful! But for people who have a hard time bending and reaching, or those who feel unsteady on a ladder, hanging lights and decorations can be hard, or even dangerous. But not to worry, the Grappler can help! Use your Grappler to hang lights, ornaments, and other decorations on tall or hard-to-reach areas like outdoor trees and bushes.

Inside, your Grappler reaching and pickup tool can help you add decorations to tall window sills, add the angel to the top of your tree, and much more! We know you’ll find endless uses for your Grappler as soon as you start preparing for the holidays.

But it doesn’t stop there! The Grappler makes taking down holiday decorations easier and faster than ever before.

What do you use your Grappler for?

The purpose of Grapplers reaching and pickup tools is to make your life easier. Whether you use your Grappler to clean your home, or beautify your community, we want to know!

The best part is that Grapplers are completely made and assembled in America. This means that every dollar you spend goes back into our economy.

We manufacture various sizes of Grapplers to suit your needs. You can purchase any standard size online HERE. Get yourself and a loved one the gift of the best reaching and pickup tool available. Have a special request? Call us at 775.284.8990.

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