Fall is officially here! Now is the time of year to put away summer decor and bring out the festive candles and lights. But holiday preparations can seem daunting – between cleaning and decorating, this time of year adds a lot of items to your to-do list!

Grapplers are here to make your holiday preparations easy. We provide the highest quality, American-made reaching tools to allow you to pick up, move, and remove large and small items easier than ever before.

Here’s 5 ways Grapplers make holiday preparations easy!

1. Clean hard-to-reach areas of your home

Are those decorations above your kitchen cabinets collecting dust? Are you tired of looking at the cobwebs on books on the top of the bookshelf? Grapplers can help!

Grapplers are made to grab large and small items in hard to reach places. Use yours to give your home a refresh before the holiday visitors arrive!

2. Put away summer decor

Now that the leaves are falling and days are getting shorter, it’s time to swap out summer decor for pumpkin-scented candles and holiday decorations.

Ditch the ladder and use your Grappler to replace summer decor in hard to reach places! Your home will be cozy and holiday-ready faster and more conveniently than ever before!

3. Clean your yard

Between the falling leaves and changing weather, the beginning of fall can cause havoc on your yard. But not to worry – you can use your Grappler to clean your yard without the back and knee pain that comes from constantly bending over!

Once your yard is looking spotless, use your Grappler to easily add fall and winter decorations!

4. Hang lights

‘Tis the season to light up the neighborhood! Your Grappler is the perfect tool to use to hang lights on tall trees and add ornaments to hard to reach places – inside your home and in your yard!

5. Make cleanup easy!

Whether you are picking up wrapping paper, throwing away small rotting pumpkins, or taking decorations down, your Grappler makes holiday cleanup easy!

Order yours today!

Are you ready to make preparing for the holidays easier than ever before? Order your Grappler today! We offer size variations to suit all your cleanup needs. Have a special request? Call us at 775.284.8990.

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