The holidays are the best time to gift someone a grappler and/or a grappler tool. We have the tools you need for a clean and happy life!


The Grappler pick up tool is a versatile tool and has many uses. The Grappler reaching tool easily grabs:

  • Any type of litter, from large bottles to newspapers
  • Twigs, leaves, or anything that’s on your yard.
  • Unhygienic materials: animal carcasses, pet feces, etc.
  • Small items even toothpicks!
  • And much more!

The Grappler is the perfect long reach grabber because it’s not heavy but still sturdy because of it’s made with aluminum so it’s easy to handle for anyone.

Gain Cane

It’s a cane and it’s a reaching tool! Do you know someone who wants to be able to get around and not depend on other people to help them pick up things? Do you know someone who has back or knee problems? Then you found the perfect solution, the helper that will always be around: the Gain Cane!

  • The Gain Cane reduces dependence on others.  Dropped keys can be grasped, out-of-reach items in the supermarket reached, and basic cleanup achieved without the assistance of another.
  • The Gain Cane is customizable.  Whether you’re small in stature or quite tall, we can create a Gain Cane that fits you perfectly.


If you have a Grappler, then you’ll definitely want a handler! On its own, The Grappler is the best trash pick-up tool on the market.  Combine it with the Handler accessory, however, and it blows all other reaching tools out of the competition.

The Handler is a lightweight bucket positioning accessory that easily attaches to any size bucket, so that the bucket becomes easily portable and accessible off the ground. When used with the Grappler, the Handler lessens repetitious bending over, alleviating back strain and thereby facilitating easier and faster cleanup.

Handy Bag Ringer

Until now, your idea of a portable trash can was grabbing a supermarket bag on the way out the door. You have had others hold it open while you put dirty paper plates inside. (Their hands got dirty; you accidentally spilled your garbage on the ground.) Or perhaps you have fought with a large lawn bag while trying to transport a pile of leaves neatly to the curb. The Handy Bag Ringer is lightweight and easy to open. Not only that, but the price is such that you can afford one for your car and one to store in your garage. Going camping? Slip it in your backpack! A picnic at the beach?

We hope you have the best holidays!

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