Fall is here, which means the seasons are changing while the wind is steadily blowing. And what does the wind bring with it? Dirt, trash, leaves, debris! Our Grappler tools can help you keep up with the wind and keep your lawn and community clean. 

Handling trash in the wind using the Handy Bag Ringer

We all love to look at the beautiful leaves on the trees as the seasons change from summer to autumn. We also love to drive down a long tree-lined street filled with yellow, red, brown, and orange leaves against the blue sky. It’s a breathtaking and calming experience. Yet, with all of their glory, no one likes to see leaves blow into their home when they open the front door. Fall means getting a handle on the leaves in the front yard and on the porch and we have just the tool to help. The Handy Bag Ringer to the rescue! After sweeping the pile of leaves from your driveway and lawn into a pile, the handy Handy Bag Ringer will keep your trash bag open for you to easily drop the bundle of leaves inside. Never again will your trash bag blow in the wind and close on you. No more leaves ending up back on the ground for you to re-sweep and maneuver into a garbage bag. Now you can keep up with the daily falling of leaves in autumn with the Handy Bag Ringer.

Holding Trash using Grappler’s Handler

Fall lawn cleaning can be a process! Our tools are designed to help the process be less stressful, take little time, and require minimal effort. One thing people hate about yard work is the physical toll the cleaning process has on the body. After hours of cleaning a front yard and maybe even a backyard, a person can unknowingly suffer from over-exertion from all the physical labor. Our Handler tool is made to avoid the possible pain and discomfort bending can cause on the back and knees. The Handler is a lightweight bucket positioning accessory that easily attaches to any size container so that it becomes easily portable and accessible on the ground. When used with the Grappler, the Handler lessens repetitive bending over, alleviating back strain and facilitating a more manageable and faster cleanup. We have a better idea than leaving your container in one place, causing you to make continuous trips to your buckets to bend over to throw garbage away. With the Handler, you can carry your bucket with you, so throwing away litter and debris is easier. No awkward bending, no spilling, and no accidental knocking over of your bucket. The cleanup process goes so much faster with the Handler.

Picking up Trash with The Grappler Pick up Tool

Since we are discussing getting a handle on trash, we have to talk about handling all types of rubbish. Not all debris is created equally. Some of the waste that may land on your lawn will be soda cans, large empty chip bags, and to-go styrofoam containers. And some of the litter that may blow onto your property will be cigarette butts, toothpicks, and other small objects. No worries, the Grappler can grab all of these objects from out of your hedges and off your lawn. The Grappler is the perfect long-reach grabber. It’s not heavy but still sturdy because it’s made with aluminum, so it’s easy to handle for anyone. This Grappler is designed to feel like an extension of your arm to make it easy for anyone who has trouble bending over to reach items. Never again will you have to put your hands on disgusting objects that others leave on your property; let the Grappler pick up the waste.

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year.  It’s always fascinating to watch the seasons change, the colors of the earth become more vibrant, and the temperatures shift from warm to cool. We want to help you enjoy the passing of seasons when it is time to clean and maintain your community by making the up-keep process fast and easy. Grappler’s Inc. has been recognized nationwide for its achievements and we credit our continued success to listening to our customers’ concerns and focusing on providing superior quality products. Our tools are designed with our customers in mind, so cleaning doesn’t become a dreadful task for you. Keep us in mind when you embark on your yard duties this fall.

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