Who’s busier than hardworking, dedicated, making-a-house-into-a-home parents?

Their children!

It’s always a joyous sound to hear children laughing while playing together but it’s not so great to listen to a child scream and cry because their favorite toy rolled under the couch.

The Grappler tool is great for busy parents who want to quickly and easily clean a room or defuse a hard-to-reach-toy catastrophe. The Grappler tool was created to help make life easier for everyone. With the Grappler, you can reach places your arms aren’t long enough to go and grab objects high up that aren’t easily reachable. The perfect tool for a parent whose children only understand the concept of “now” relative to time.  

When it comes to children, a parent’s number one job is to keep them safe. Their second job — make sure they are happy and healthy! The Grappler tool can help out with keeping them safe and happy. Below are a few reasons why the Grappler is a life-saver for busy parents around the home.

1. Pick up toys in hard to reach places

Children are not having fun until they’ve created a mess, right? Parents want their little ones to be active and play with all the toys purchased and received for holidays and birthdays. It’s always a priceless moment to see the face of a parent when their child is gifted a 1,000 piece lego set! All a parent can think of is, “Omg, those tiny foot-stabbing toys are going to be all over the house!”

Well, we have a tool that can help you reach those tiny legos when they end up everywhere — under the couch, behind the bookshelf, under the entertainment center, and even in the fireplace.

Our Grappler tool will reach the places you can’t get that are out of arm’s length. The Grappler can grab items as small as a toothpick! No leggo stands a chance staying behind the couch for long; the Grappler will grip those tiny toys so you can securely pack them away after playtime.

2. Store objects away, high up from a child’s reach.

Not only is the Grappler good for reaching in low hard-to-reach places like under the bed and behind the dresser,  but it’s also suitable for retrieving or placing objects high up out of children’s reach.

Because children are extremely active and can find a dangerous needle in a haystack, parents constantly put things away to child-proof the home. However, some hazardous objects need to be stored when the children are around but easily accessible and retrieved when needed by the parent.

The Grappler can help hide or store items high-up away from children, like important daily medication, but also be easily obtained with the reach tool when needed.

The Grappler is also perfect for storing items high up that you rarely use, like jewelry cleaning products, family jewelry, or secretly hiding gifted toys that are loud and noisy.  While reaching to place items high up, the Grappler will be light but sturdy because it’s made with aluminum. Easy to handle for anyone!

3. Reach objects in not-so-clean places.

We all know that accidents happen, and many times, they are entirely out of our control. Many times the playroom is not the only place children stay to play! Just like a bee, children are busy buzzing around — running, jumping, sliding — living the good life throughout the entire house. 

And if you can get your kid to pause playtime for a bathroom break, they are sure to bring toys along with them for the “break.” So when Mr. Bear or a Toy Story figurine falls into the toilet along with your child’s digesting and removed lunch, the Grappler will be there to do the dirty work. There is no need to stick your hand into the toilet and grab the 2-inch long Buzz LightYear figurine; the Grappler can pick up small objects in not-so-clean places, so you don’t have to. Also, you don’t have to worry about the Grappler getting wet or dirty; it’s designed using rustproof aluminum and can withstand the toilet bowl elements without rusting and is easily cleaned.  

We know parents are busy cooking, cleaning, running errands, all while trying to keep the home tidy and safe. We designed our Grappler reach tool with busy people in mind, ready to assist anyone needing an extra-long-sturdier hand to help out around the house. We also know children will be children: discovering how to fly by jumping off the couch onto the floor or exploring areas of the home by leaving a trail of toys to mark their travels. Parents have a lot on their plate; at Grapplers, we want to help lighten the load by extending a hand to help around the house. Just like parents, we specialize in picking up the mess. However, we’ve created a tool to help quickly and easily reach for objects so that grabbing hard-to-reach toys and storing hazardous objects away from a child’s reach isn’t a hassle. Purchase your Grappler today and get one for the kids too!

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