Grapplers work like arm extenders that allow you to reach items with less physical effort. They can also help you to work around any mobility limitations you might have, by extending your reach and grip, helping you to get more done and remain as independent as possible.

Choosing the right size Grappler is important for maximizing its potential uses and efficiency. The correct length will also help to ensure your comfort and safety when you are using the tool. There are three key things to consider when choosing the length of your Grappler: your height, your body position when using it, and the most common purposes you will be using your Grappler for.

Your Height

Your height is an important factor when deciding which Grappler to purchase, especially if you will be using it to pick things up off the ground. For example, if you are using your Grappler to pick up trash and you choose a model that is not long enough for your height, you will have to bend to pick things up which may be difficult and lead to back pain and injury. On the other hand, a model that is too long for your height may be more difficult to manipulate and less effective. The average 5’9” American man will do well with a 40” Grappler, while the average woman, who is 5’4” will do better with a 33.”

Here are the recommend Grappler options according to height (if you will be using while standing)

Height Model Recommended
4’10 and under 24”
4’11” – 5’6” 33”
5’7” – 6’0 40”
6’1 and above 48”

Your Position

Considering if you will mostly use your Grappler from a standing, seated or reclined position will help you pick the right size model. If for the most part you will be using your Grappler from a standing position, refer to the height chart above for the model that will work best for you. These longer Grapplers are great for picking up most small objects from the floor including socks, keys, litter, pet toys, remote controls, and more! They can also help you retrieve small overhead items that are just out of reach, without the risk of getting up on a ladder or step stool.

If you will mostly be using your Grappler from a seated position, then a shorter model may be the best choice. For most individuals using wheelchairs the 24” model is recommended. This length works well for helping you to grab things on the floor next to your chair and from above your head. If you are in a wheelchair and trying to grab things on higher shelves, the 33” inch model may work best for you.

If you will usually be using your Grappler from a seated position, then the 24” model will probably work well for you too. This tool will give you two extra feet of reach, allowing you to retrieve objects on the far end of a table/desk or above your head. The exception to this rule is if you will be using your Grappler from an elevated seated position, such as while using a riding lawn mower. In this case you might choose a longer model that can extend your reach all the way down to the ground.  Many people who have some mobility issues keep Grapplers like these by their favorite chairs so they then can grab dropped items-like that pesky remote-without having to stand all the way up and then stoop over. They are also popular with gardeners who want to extend their reach without constantly standing up and down.

If you will be using your Grappler from a reclined position-such as while resting in bed-then the 24” model is usually the best choice as it requires the least strength and leverage to operate and be easily stored beside you.

Your purpose

Spending some time thinking about what you will be using your Grappler for can help you choose the right size for any job. Most people end up using their Grapplers for all kinds of things, but there are likely a few tasks that are your highest priorities.

The longer Grappler versions are the most popular choice for litter pick up crews and can help you pick up trash all day long without repeatedly bending over and potentially hurting your back. If you plan to pick up littler with your Grappler, refer to the height chart above for the model that would help a person of your size. Longer Grappler also come in handy indoors where they are very useful for picking up small items from the floor. Grapplers are especially useful for grabbing hard to reach things-such as a cat toy behind a couch-that may be difficult for you to get without help.

If you plan on using your Grappler to grab things in the kitchen, choose the shortest model that will help you reach what you need. The shorter models are more stable and easy to manipulate, which is important when you are grabbing dishes, glasses and other breakables. Some people choose to have a 24” Grappler for short reaches and a longer 33” or 40” model when they really need to stretch to the highest shelves.

The Grappler is a great tool for helping anyone with mobility issues get ready for their day. You can use it to take down hanging clothes, open and close drawers, take items like sweaters off of shelves and grab personal care items that are just out of reach. Most people find the 24” model the best for these type of tasks, but a longer Grappler may be appropriate in some situations.

If you will be using your Grappler to extend your reach during seated activities-such as grabbing a dropped jigsaw puzzle piece-then the 24” model is likely your best bet. Many crafters, artists and other creative people use the Grappler to help them grab just out of reach supplies, saving them the time and energy of standing up and helping them to better focus on the project at hand.

If you are rehabbing an injury that temporarily limits your mobility, then starting with the longer gripper and progressing to the shorter one as you heal and get more mobile would be the correct course of action. If you have a permanent condition that limits your range of motion then you will be better off using the longer model for picking things up off the floor and the shorter version for grabbing things that are just a bit out of arm’s length.

More size picking tips

When in doubt about what length Grappler to use, we recommend choosing the shortest model that can safely do the job. The shorter models are easier to maneuver, which will make whatever task you are completing that simpler. If you have limited upper body strength-including arthritis in your hands-shorter models will be easier for you to use. Shorter models are also easier to store on your wheelchair when you are not using them.

Finding the right size Grappler can help you get more done while working around any mobility issues you may have and staying safe. Considering your height, body position, and how you will use your Grappler can help you make the best choice for you. If you are still on the fence about what model is best for you please call us at 775-284-8990 and speak to one of our friendly Grappler experts. And don’t forget that having a shorter and longer available is a versatile option that will make sure you always have the right tool at hand.

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