Spring is a great time of the year to get outside and pick up items that have blown in on the winter winds. It’s also the best time to do a massive cleaning before the summer heat strikes! The best way to keep an area clean is to maintain the space regularly, by doing at least spring and fall cleaning. We have the perfect tools that everyone in the family can use to make the yard beautiful and stay litter-free.

3 Grappler tools will make your family’s spring-cleaning event easy, painless, and cut the time in half that it would take using gloved hands! Keep reading; we will tell you how the Grappler can pick up just about anything, the Handler makes a bucket easily portable, and the Handy Bag Ringer lends a hand in keeping your trash bag open. Using these three Grappler products together, you will surely get all your trash in the bag the first time you grab and release it!

The Grappler tool is the sturdiest pick-up tool on the market

Who knows from where foreign trash that lands in our yards has traveled. And since waste cannot tell you the places it has been before deciding to end its journey on your property, the mystery will remain untold. However, no matter how far litter travels, once it becomes a part of our yards or community, it is our responsibility to put the trash where it belongs! And we have the perfect tool to help safely get that trash off your lawn and into a trash bag. So throw on your outdoor clothes, round up your family-cleaning crew, and holster up with our one-of-a-kind Grappler pick-up tool!

The Grappler tool is the sturdiest pick-up tool on the market. Made of rustproof aluminum designed and manufactured right here in the USA, our grab and reach tool is built to last for years of continued use. Because our Grappler is made with aluminum, it is super sturdy but not heavy; so all of the family members can join in on the spring cleaning fun.

Our industrial-grade litter pick-up tool has the largest opening and the strongest grip of any other device on the market, making it easy for the kids to grab items in the yard, from large glass bottles to tiny thin toothpicks. Because the Grappler comes in many different lengths ranging from 33 to 96 inches, dad can now use the long Grappler to reach all of those hideous grocery bags that have been blowing in the trees for months.

The Handler put a stronghold on your buckets

Raise your hand if the thin, skinny metal handles attached to plastic buckets makes you want to scream! We feel the same way. You and the family can easily get a hold of your trash by attaching The Handler to your bucket. The Handler is our lightweight bucket positioning accessory that easily connects to any size bucket. Mom can comfortably hold the Handler, attached to a bucket, in one hand, and use The Grappler to pick up litter in the other hand. No need to continuously set your bucket down and pick it back up.

The Handler allows you to carry your bucket with you, fill it up with litter, and dump your trash without spilling or knocking over your can. Designed to attach to any bucket, the Handler makes your container portable, accessible off the ground, and reduces bending and twist from your regular cleaning routine.

The Handy Bag Ringer hold the bag so you don’t have to

The best part about cleaning up a mess is the look of the results and feeling of the accomplishment. Each glass bottle, food wrapper, plastic takeout container, or straw rings a bell of joy when the Grappler grabs the object, and it lands in the trash bag. However, what can mess up your cleaning rhythm is when your trash bag starts blowing in the wind to its own tune. Now, this is called a musical clean-up disaster! So we designed the perfect tool to help get you and your trash bag singing the same song.

The Handy Bag Ringer fits around any size trash bag, keeping the bag’s mouth open and making the trash bag portable. It’s simple design, ease of use, and lightweight composition make it easy to carry anywhere!

Last year, the kids were elected to hold the trash bags open; their hands got dirty, dad spilled garbage on the ground, sticky old juice ran down the side of the trash bag — it was a nightmare! This year, after purchasing Grapplers products for Family-Spring-Cleaning Day, the kids don’t have to hold the trash bags open and get messy. Let our Handy Bag Ringer do the work of keeping the trash securely in the bag; with all hands on deck picking up trash, you can now cut your cleaning time in half.

Grab your Grappler tools and let the cleaning fun began

So round up the troops and get the family ready and excited for spring cleaning day! This will be a great time for the kids to learn about the environment and bond in a team-cleaning effort. By using our products together — the Grappler, the Handler, and the Handy Bag Ringer — you and your joints will be happy after the yard has been cleaned.

Don’t wait until the hot summer month to do a massive yard cleaning; grab the family and make a fun game to see who can pick up the most trash the fastest. Order your Grappler tools today and let the spring cleaning challenge begin!

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