When you live alone you invariable come across situations where you realize you could use a helping hand. Either you’re a little too short and can’t reach something from the top shelf, or you might be someone prone to back issues and would benefit from having someone to help pick items up off the floor to prevent straining your back.

Especially during these isolating times of covid, you can become acutely aware of how much you rely on others or would benefit from another person. With Covid preventing day visits, more people are left to their own devices especially as elderly who are in more danger from covid or someone recovering from an operation who has a reduced immune system. You need to be more independent even in situations when you’d normally be taken care of by loved ones.

Our reaching tools like the Grappler and Gain Cane enable you to reduce your risk of injury, help you maintain independence through recovery, and be more self-sufficient when living on your own.

Reduce Risk of Injury
First and foremost as a senior citizen the top priority when living on your own is reducing your risk of injury. With our reaching tools, in particular the Gain Cane, you are able to maintain mobility while still grabbing items you need. Likewise, If you’re recovering from an injury, the Gain Cane can help keep you mobile in the right ways while preventing injury while you recover.

By using the Gain Cane you are able to have a hand walking around the house and if you need to reach an item that is higher up, you can use your Gain Cane instead of standing on a wobbly or unstable step stool. You can also use the Gain Cane to pick up items off the floor rather than bending over straining your back or potentially falling over in the process. Lastly, using the Gain Cane to pick up items reduces stress on your needs of squatting to pick items up. As an older person, who’s also wiser, use the Gain Cane to outsmart time and its impact on your joints.

Recover From an Operation
When you’re recovering from an operation it can be hard to lose a sense of independence. You go from being able to work out, run around taking care of others, to barely being able to put your own shoes on or get yourself fed. Surgery can be hard on the body but the change in independence can be hard on the soul.

Our Gain Cane and Grappler help you regain some level of independence. Whether it’s grabbing an item from the top shelf or picking up an item from the floor, our reaching tools can help you do tasks on your own without needing to wait for someone to take care of you. Our reaching tools can help you with tasks like putting on socks or grabbing the remote so you don’t need to struggle to get up. Use our tools to help maintain your sense of independence while recovering from surgery or for a loved one who’s recovering from an operation. The small things like being able to pick up items, or grab pills from the side table without getting up can make a world of difference when it comes to feeling independent.

Self Sufficient Living Alone
Those going through life changes besides surgery can sometimes feel a loss of independence that frustrates them. The Grappler and Gain Cane can help restore a level of independence for those who are elderly or with disabilities. For instance, you might go from being able to take care of others to one day finding you can reach your feet anymore.

The Grappler can help you regain some self-sufficiency restoring your feeling of independence by going able to move more freely and grab items you would reach before. For instance, if climbing a step stool isn’t advised, the Grappler can help grab items from the top shelf. If bending over is hard, it can pick up items from the floor, including a piece of paper!

If you’re a bit more mobile and like to get outside, the Grappler can help with light yard work and clean up. If you see trash in your yard or a plastic bag caught in your tree, the Grappler is there to assist. Lastly, the Grappler can help with tasks around the house like putting away clothes, pulling items from the laundry, or doing dishes.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, or what situation you find yourself whether you’re healthy or recovering from surgery, our reaching tools can help make your life easier, and your home happier. Buy one of our amazing reaching tools today like the Gain Cane or Grappler for yourself or a loved one to make life easier.

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