This year has been an interesting one to say the least. We know it’s been hard on a lot of people; but it’s important we don’t make it hard on our environment as well.

Trust us, we get it. Every one is trying to find an excuse to get out of their house. Many people think if they go to outdoor areas for camping, hiking, spending time at the beach or lake, that they will be able to socially distance. Like we said that, many people, have the same idea. When there is a large influx of people in one place, we see lots of trash left behind.

It’s imperative that we practice “pack it in, pack it out.” If we ALL do our part, then AMAZING. But, we’re all human and sometimes something is left behind. Luckily, we can help those who may have left something behind, accidentally or on purpose.

Our Grapplers allow you to pick up trash, heavy or light, without you having to worry about germs. We’ve seen some pretty gross and unsanitary trash that people have left behind in our Lake Tahoe region – diapers, cigarette butts, food wrappers with food remains, used toilet paper – you name it.

Luckily we keep our Grapplers and Grappler tools in our vehicles with us, so when we are driving around and see trash people have left behind, we can do our part and pick it up without giving ourselves the heeby-jeebies.

If you don’t have a Grappler yet, purchase your today! Purchase here.

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