Our Grapplers and Grappler tools have endless benefits. You can use your Grappler pick-up tools in many ways, some you may not even have thought of. Here are some benefits of our Grappler and why you need a Grappler pick-up tool.

  • No Bending Over: whether your age is a factor, or you’re recovering from a back injury, or your back just plain hurts, you won’t have to bend over to pick things up when using a pick-up tool.
  • Safety: we want to make sure you’re staying safe! With a Grappler pick-up tool you can pick up glass, metal, or anything sharp. Also, when it comes to reaching hard to reach items you won’t be having to get a ladder out, or stand on something that may not be stable.
  • Sanitary: especially with COVID-19 going around right now, the last thing you want is to put yourself in unsanitary conditions. Cigarette butts, pet waste, rusted material, or trash left behind by strangers – all of this can be picked up with your Grappler rather than your hands.
  • Helping the Environment: unfortunately many people don’t understand the “pack it in, pack it out” method and so many people still litter. With a Grappler you can help the environment by picking up after those who aren’t doing their part. The Grappler allows you to do this while staying safe and sanitary.

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