Our goal with creating the Grappler, Gain Cane, Handler, and Handy Bag Ringer was to make picking up any object and/or trash easier for all individuals. Although, specifically, our tools can and will help individuals living in wheelchairs or are living with other disabilities. Our handicap pick-up tools are designed to make life easier for those individuals in need.

Gain Cane:
With the gain cane, you will be able to get around and not depend on other people to help you pick up your things. If you’re dealing with back or knee problems, the gain cane is perfect for not putting that extra pressure on your joints and back. The gain cane is lightweight, durable, and rust-proof. This tool is wonderful for elderly individuals as well as people recovering from injury or dealing with debilitative illness. The gain cane will offer stability and reduce the risk of falling that comes with bending, stretching, and trying to reach items in hard to access places.

The Gain Cane is customizable in size – whether you’re small in stature or a taller individual, we can create a gain cane that fits you perfectly. The gain cane along with all of our other products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Handy Bag Ringer:
We’re sure that up until now, your idea of a portable trash can was grabbing a bag from the grocery store. If you had to pick up trash keeping the bag open would prove to be difficult unless someone was right there next to you to hold it open (but there is not always someone right there). The Handy Bag Ringer takes away that pesky problem – it attaches to your garbage bag to keep it open the whole time, make it a lot easier to pick up trash items. The usage of our Handy Bag Ringer along with our Gain Cane makes picking up trash extremely easy as you’ll never have to bend over to pick anything up!

This tool is perfect for handicapped individuals, Park and Recreation Departments, Adopt-A-Highway programs, and anyone really! We live in a beautiful community with some amazing clean-up programs and now all individuals, even those in wheelchairs can participate in community clean-ups with our handicap pick-up tools.

We truly hope our handicap pick-up tools make many lives easier and allow individuals to have more independence as well as be involved in more community activity. We strive to have inclusive products that work for all capabilities. Shop for your products today!

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