Reaching Tools bring life closer to you. For some people, mobility will never be an issue. For others, it is a very real problem that must be faced every day. Reaching things in high or low places is a struggle that no one should have to endure.  Yet, chronic leg, back, and joint pain keep many people from even standing up to pick up a can of soup or stooping down to retrieve fallen change.

Grappler is here to make those chores an easy pick up.  This reacher features an easy to trigger handle that comes with a big grip.  The opening between the tongs is 5.12”.  That is .99” larger than the largest competitor. The squeezing pressure of 17lbs. also allows you to pick up items as heavy as a two-liter bottle. Yet, the tongs are sensitive enough to pick up a toothpick. Instead of suction cups, or magnetic tips, the Grappler has formed fingers covered in rubber to ensure a sturdy grip every time.

This lightweight aluminum reacher tool is proudly made right here in America.  Grapplers come in 24”, 33”, 40” and 48” lengths to accommodate all needs. The all-aluminum handles resist chips or cracks if dropped. But there is no need to worry about it as all Grapplers come with a lifetime no-hassle guarantee.  We’ll replace any part, or the whole reacher, even if it was run over by a truck.

Innovation is at the forefront of Grapplers Inc. mission. We are constantly re-designing to accommodate the many needs of the elderly and disabled.  The Gain Cain was next in line for these resourceful tools. It started as a reacher attached to a cane with metal hose clamps. Through a series of redesigns, the Gain Cain is now a fully functional cane/reacher unit.  This cane/reacher is available in lengths ranging from 29”-39”.  Picking up keys, change, purses, and even heavy items like soup cans are all now possible without stooping or climbing up step ladders.

These tools have enabled millions of people to regain their abilities to reach without ever having a painful flair up.  There are hundreds of personal reviews on third party sites that resell the Grappler. A semi-retired ranger for the Oregon State Parks & Recreations Department says “These things can pick up a 24 oz. half full beverage bottle with ease. They are also very durable.” Five stars.  Bob Carruth, a retired senior, wrote “With about 10 minutes of practice under my belt I was able to clear the yard and the rose garden even faster than I could have when I was 30 years younger. And no bending.”

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