The Grappler is the most dependable trash pick up tool on the market today. This revolutionary and simplistic design matches durable rustproof aluminum with a versatile “hand” that picks up almost all kinds of litter without ever having to bend over.

The unique design of the Grappler allows for objects to be picked up from the sides, like many other trash pick-up devices, but also from underneath while clamping onto the top. The flat fingers of the Grappler allow users to get into tighter spaces with greater ease such as inside bushes, or around storm drain tunnels.

The squeezing pressure for the Grappler is more than twice that of some competitors with 17 pounds of pressure. The mouth at the end of the shaft is also an inch to two and a half inches larger than the competition at 5.12”. This increased squeeze pressure coupled with the larger mouth allows users to pick up litter as large as two-liter coke bottles that are half full. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, animal carcasses, and animal feces are held firmly in place until placed in a trash bag.  It is the strongest pickup tool on the market.

Grapplers also come in a variety of lengths.  33” and 40” are the most popular lengths, but to reach trash that has fallen into a stream or river or litter that has blown into trees is no longer a problem with a 48”, 72” or 96” Grappler that’s just as easy to use as the shorter ones.

For colder climates, the Grappler also comes in a full aluminum body design with no plastic parts. So, it won’t break or chip if you drop it on the ground.

This product is proudly made in America. Lifetime warranties are standard with every Grappler made. If it breaks for whatever reason, to include being run over by a truck, Grappler Inc. will warranty any repairs parts or replace the whole unit if necessary. Minor shipping fees do apply.

The demand keeps rising for Grappler. Maid in California, Haines and Cross, and several state Department of Transportation divisions have made this tool the number one most recommended trash pick up tool.

Comments for the Grappler have been overwhelmingly positive on e-commerce sites that offer this unique tool.

“I’m a semi-retired seasonal assistant ranger for the Oregon State Parks & Recreation Department and I do a lot of grounds keeping as my job. After using these Grapplers for a whole season I am convinced that they are the more superior tool of this type,” says Dan.  Another user wrote “Best product available as a ‘pick-up’ tool. Good material, well constructed & easy to use.”

No one should have to strain cleaning up litter.  Grappler trash into the bin.

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