Trash grabbers are tools that people use to pick up trash and refuse around their home, parks, streambeds, rivers and along highways. They come in handy because it makes it possible for people not to have to bend down and pick up items of debris and trash that people have carelessly tossed away. There are a variety of trash grabbers on the market today that can be used for their stated purpose, but we feel there is only one that meets the greatest majority of needs, and is the strongest, longest-lasting trash grabber on the market today: The Grappler.

The Grappler trash grabber is made in Sparks Nevada making it the only American-made product of its kind available anywhere. All others are made in China so purchasing a Grappler helps keep money in America and people employed here. Once you see the capability of the Grappler, you’ll recognize that this is by far the best made and well-designed tool of its kind. We have had numerous people send us letters and emails giving us testimonials regarding this product. A recent one from Bill said this, “this is a quote from Bill”.

There are many more available on our website and a testimonial section.

But let’s get back to the subject of trash grabbers. Every day one of our faithful users named Kelly walks through the park picking up all sorts of trash the people and left behind. Most of it is just done by kids who aren’t really thinking, leaving a water bottle here or there, or maybe after they’ve had a party or picnic in the park. By far and away the majority of people use the park responsibly and clean up after themselves, but there are a few who don’t respect property or rights and carelessly toss trash anywhere they please. Jerry goes through the park walking his dog and taking a plastic trash bag or two with him. Every day, it is easy to pick up at least one whole bag of trash.

While Kelly was picking up something one day a person commented, “Hey, why are you doing that? We have park people to do that.” Kelly replied, “Yes we do have are people that come by and pick up the trash from the trash bins, but is it their responsibility to pick up every piece of trash in the park? Don’t we as regular American citizens have a responsibility to clean up after ourselves and maybe even our neighbors?” That’s probably a good philosophy. Several people have also commented to Kelly that they really appreciated what he was doing and fact, some have taken up the cause themselves and have been seen picking up after others also. It’s never too late to be a good example.

The selection of trash grabbers is fairly large from the kind that have a pair of suction cups on the end of a pair of tongs, one’s styled like pinchers, and then the Grappler who has a very wide open design that can fit an entire 2 Liter bottle full of liquid clear down to something as small as a toothpick in it’s jaws. In fact, as mentioned by our person in the testimonial above, the hardest thing he had to pick up with a plastic straw wrappers and he felt that the Grappler was the only thing that would do the job.

The biggest complaint that most people have regarding trash grabbers is that they wear out or easily break. We had one person comment that they had tried just about every kind of version of trash grabber on the market and had given up on finding anything that would last very long. Once he found the Grappler and discovered that it had a lifetime guarantee, he snapped one up and sent us a glowing testimonial about how well it worked and how long it lasted.

“I have spent quite a few hours using this product. I have also used others from other manufacturers. My opinion is that your product is one of the finest and best working that exists on the market. It has helped me in my never-ending battle with [picking up] the drink box sippy straw.

Thanks again,
Kevin K. | Park Manager
Lackawanna State Park Complex”

This lifetime guarantee is totally unique in the trash grabber industry. No other product offers such a guarantee. And there is no limit or reason that we will not replace it or the parts, all you have to do is pay for shipping. Even if they have been run over by a truck, we will replace it. Nobody else backs of their product like this.

Another common usage for our trash grabber are highway departments and adopt-a-highway programs. We sell dozens at the time to these groups and they all appreciate how well it helps them pick up the junk along the highway. It’s astonishing what they find too! They have found an enormous array of bottles, cups, diapers, diamond rings, $20 bills, straws, and things we really can’t mention here. In fact, you’ll find an article on our website about a man who has decided to make a highway near his home the, “Cleanest Highway in America.” He uses our trash grabber more than any person we have ever known. We once asked him about his experience and he replied, “I really didn’t want to use the Grappler because I had tried other products before, but they never lasted very long. They always broke or were clumsy and difficult to use. Once I found the Grappler, I was surprised how strong it was, how sturdy it looked and decided to give it a try. I still use it to this day and am very happy because it saves me and my back from having to reach over all the time which is what I used to have to do.”

So if you’re looking for the perfect trash grabber for any project you can think of then look no further than the Grappler. We find that most people order at least 2 because then they can have somebody else help them along the way. Large church groups and Boy Scout organizations use the Grappler for a variety of service projects and we love getting letters from them. We also have some very unusual uses for the Grappler that were never intended before. One company specifically hired us to create a special 16 foot long Grappler to serve one purpose: pulling down paper from a massive role high above a printer. We have an article about that here even though it’s not for sale to anyone else.

For those people who work in extreme weather conditions where the plastic handle may break if dropped on concrete in below freezing conditions, we also offer our special Industrial Grade Grappler that is made of all aluminum: no plastic parts whatsoever. The aluminum handle is covered with a rubber cover to make it easier on the hands and prevent wear and tear, but it is a very solid tool that can be used in any condition. It is the ultimate in trash grabbers.

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