Everyone is familiar with the Adopt A Highway program along the highways and byways of North America. Signs appear just about everywhere telling the drivers that a particular company (the one named on the sign) has adopted a certain section of the highway and devoted themselves to keeping it clean. They pay a small fee in order to get their name on the sign and receive a little advertising benefit because of it.

But there’s one man in Sparks Nevada who doesn’t have his name on the sign, yet he keeps a 5 to 10 mile stretch of highway “the cleanest highway in America”. Every day he spends a couple of hours walking up and down the highway with his trusty Grappler and is Handy Bag Ringer picking up trash along the road. He does this for no fee or payment but has become somewhat of a celebrity because of his efforts.

Bruce Osgood is his name and at 72 years old this has become his life’s mission, to keep the Pyramid Highway, “the cleanest highway in America”.

He used to walk up and down the highway bending over and picking up each of the items. He had tried other trash pickup tools and was unhappy with the results. They didn’t last very long, they couldn’t pick up many things, they would break, etc. When Jay Thiessens, the owner of Grapplers Incorporated saw what he was doing, he got him to try a grappler and to see if it would help him.


Bruce was instantly impressed. He now waves it at each of the cars that drive by and honk at him to give him a vote of thanks for his efforts. He has written to Jay several times thanking him for this amazing tool and swears that it has saved his back from constantly lifting and bending over so many times. He now says that his mission, his personal Adopt A Highway program of making it the “cleanest highway in America” is now much easier to achieve.

If you would like to get together with a group of people and form your own Adopt A Highway program or if you just need a very sturdy and durable trash pickup tool, don’t be afraid to call Grapplers Incorporated at (877) 212-5803 and they can ship you out as many as you need. You can also order them directly from this website and that’s actually the easiest way to get these products directly to your doorstep.

Adopt-a-Highway programs all over the country use The Grappler. You should too.

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