After a tornado, flash flood or hurricane, cleaning up is never easy.

There are typically loads and loads of debris that have to be cleared away before the area can be thoroughly cleaned. With this type of clean-up comes significant risks that can all be reduced through the use of a sturdy litter pick up tool like The Grappler.

The Risks

River clean up or clean up after a storm or other disaster isn’t easy. Injuries and wounds often happen and can sometimes be very dangerous. Not only do individuals have to worry about the risk of cutting themselves or scraping themselves, but there is always the possibility that they could be exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins that have made their way into the area and are hidden from sight. Add to these dangers the risks of snake or spider bites and it’s easy to see why a sturdy, reliable litter pick up tool is needed.

How the Grappler Works

With the grappler, river clean up and other types of clean up are much easier. It extends from 2 feet long clear up to 8-feet (depending upon which size you purchase as they are fixed sizes), so you can pick up trash without having to put your hand in the close vicinity of the debris. This reduces the risk of cuts and other injuries significantly. Plus, you can pick up things with the Grappler that you’d never want to touch with your bare hands or even with gloves. This includes things like chemicals, animal carcasses, sharp or jagged glass or metal, etc.

About the Grappler

The Grappler is the only American-made litter pick up tool available – so you can be sure it’s crafted with sturdy, quality parts. River clean up and clean up after flash floods and other scenarios is easy, because the tool can lift something fairly heavy (think a 24 ounce drink bottle) as well as very small items (like a toothpick)!

Overall, if you have to be exposed to potentially dangerous hazards when cleaning up after storms or just in general, it’s better to be safe than sorry. With the Grappler, you can do that and make the clean-up job easier at the same time.


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