The only American-made trash pickup tool on the market today is now stronger than ever. An Industrial Grade version has been created to endure the harshest of conditions.


Grapplers Inc. announces the full scale production of the Industrial Grade Grappler, a trash pickup tool made in the United States for use in extreme conditions. For years “the Grappler” has dominated the extended reach pickup tool market with its superior quality. All other trash pick up tools are made in China and some of them are even direct ripoffs of the Grappler.

But none of them can stand up to the rigors of the original Grappler.

The Grappler boasts 17 pounds of squeezing pressure and all aluminum construction that can endure all sorts of difficult situations. For ease of production and the greatest comfort offered to the user, a plastic injection molded handle has been used all this time. The plastic has only one drawback: if used in extremely cold or below freezing conditions, it can break if dropped on the floor. Some of our customers had asked that we produce something that will not break because they use them in a wide range of freezing conditions.

Thus, the Industrial Grade Grappler was born.

The basic Grappler construction remains the same but the handle is all aluminum with a plastic comfort covering that makes it easier on the hand. While most people in freezing conditions use gloves, the plastic covering makes it more comfortable to use all year long, with or without gloves.

And now this product is selling off the shelves. It was rather surprising to our owner of the Grappler just how many people were looking for a sturdier product. He has had orders by the caseload of the Industrial Grade Grappler. It is available in any of the sizes that we produce, but the biggest portion of users buy it in one of 3 sizes: 33″, 40″ and 48″ long. If anyone wants one of the other versions, they just need to call in for pricing and availability.

But not only is this Industrial Grade Grappler the strongest, sturdiest and most capable trash pickup tool on the market today. One customer recently shipped back a Grappler that had been in use for over 10 years, and we replaced it because it was definitely worn out. All the customer had to do was pay for shipping. Grapplers Inc. stands by their word.

There are a number of products that are available on the market today and a comparison chart is on our website shows detailed information of its competitors. It is important to note that the only product that can be purchased from that page is the Grappler. We do not sell any of the competitors products.

So for anyone working in extremely cold conditions the Industrial Grade Grappler has been created to fill that need of those who need to pick up trash, dead animals or frozen waste of any kind. Or it can also be used for picking up everyday trash items if needed.


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