Individuals who drive pickup trucks can really benefit from having a grabber tool with them at all times. It can be a huge help in many different situations. These amazing tools aren’t just for reaching things in your kitchen cabinets or picking up litter from the ground. If you drive a pickup truck but don’t have a grabber tool in the cab, life is about to get a lot easier for you!


One of the best benefits of having an extended reach grabber tool inside your pickup truck is that it allows you to easily retrieve the groceries that you put in the back of your truck. This is especially helpful for when you don’t want to let the tailgate down or if you’re in a hurry. If your groceries slide to the front of the pickup truck bed, you can easily reach out and grab them if you have a grabber tool. If a can or jar slips out of the bag, it’s easy to reach and pick up with a grabber tool, so you don’t have to climb in the bed of the truck for one tiny can or box. This makes life a whole lot easier on grocery day!

Washing Your Truck

Another great advantage of having a strong extended reach grabber tool with you when you drive a pickup truck is it can be very helpful when you’re washing and drying your truck. For those tough to reach areas on the top of the truck and the center of the hood, the grabber tool is priceless. Simply grip a soft cloth in between the arms and reach right up to wash or dry. This prevents the need to climb on step ladders or reach the top of the truck by climbing on the tail gate or the bed of the truck. It can relieve strain in your back from stretching as well.

Work Trucks

If you drive a pickup truck for work, an extended reach grabber tool can be invaluable to you. With tools, tool boxes and other equipment and supplies loaded into the back of your pickup, the grabber tool can be helpful all day long as you go about your job. From retrieving tools that are out of reach to saving your back as you clean up after a day’s work, a grabber tool is a helper that will save you a lot of aches and pains at the end of the day. With some extended reach tools being as long as 48-inches, it’s very easy to get what you need without having to stretch at all.

For Use with Tonneau Covers

Some pickup trucks make it impossible to actually get in the bed of the truck to look for items because they have a hard Tonneau cover. With an extended reach grabber tool in the truck, everything is easy to get, even with the Tonneau cover in the way. From retrieving supplies during a camping trip to organizing items in the bed of the truck, a grabber tool literally makes every job easier.

Whether you’re a pickup truck man or woman who drives their truck for work or pleasure, a grabber tool with extended reach capabilities can be invaluable for many different reasons. From reducing back strain and fatigue to navigating in tough spots, a grabber tool makes life a little simpler so you can get to the good stuff.

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