The Best Trash Pick Up Tool You Will Ever Buy (because it will be the last one you ever need!)

american made pick up tool

A worker in America creates a part for the Grappler Pick Up Tool

A wide variety of trash collecting tools are available for purchase from many competitors, so why should you buy the most helpful trash pickup tool like the Grappler reacher grabber tool? Not only is it the strongest product available, it is also the most capable trash pick up tool for reaching and picking up the heaviest loads. Rust-free aluminum also makes the product worth its price, as does its “Made in America” status. There’s the lifetime guarantee, also.

Strong, Reliable Product

Among all of the available reacher grabber tools on the market, the Grappler is the strongest for household use. The machine has the capacity of squeezing 17 pounds of pressure during use, ensuring nearly 10 pounds more pressure than the nearest leading competitor. This pressure allows consumers to utilize the tool in general daily use, such as during lawn mowing or pet care, as well as heavy duty commercial use on the job.



Heavy Loads Made Easy

The Grappler trash pick up tool makes lifting the heaviest loads of trash easy. Its accommodating opening is 5.12 inches wide, much larger than similar tools available. This wide gap allows the Grappler to pick up much heavier, larger loads. Single heavy objects that are hard to reach due to difficult, tight spaces or high, out of reach areas can be lifted with ease due to the machine’s design advantage. It really is the most helpful tool for trash pickup there is.

Rust-Free Technology

Quality rust-free aluminum makes the Grappler tool light and easy to carry as well as resistant to damage from watery areas. Cleaning streams with the litter pick up tool is safe and will not damage the Grappler due to this unique manufacturing. The light, user-friendly material and commercial grade standards met with its manufacturing ensure that whether securely stored or left out during inclement weather, the Grappler will remain a rust-free, useable high quality tool. Can you see why its the best tool for trash pickup on the market today?

Made in America


When you buy The Grappler, you are buying the BEST PRODUCT AVAILABLE on the market today, one that will last forever as it has a lifetime guarantee.

Buying products that are made in America is a high priority for many consumers and the Grappler makes this choice easy. This trash pick up tool is fully made in America, its production providing for American jobs and opportunities. Any money spent on the tool remains in the country, furthering economic development and prosperity. As several other leading brands of similar products are made on international soil, consumers may prefer to spend more when they are aware that their purchases are funding American jobs and economic growth.

Lifetime Warranty

Though many products have a brief lifespan, forcing Americans to purchase new models within a few years, the Grappler comes with a full lifetime warranty for the customer’s peace of mind. The cost of the litter pick up tool reflects this helpful guarantee while no other top competitor trash pick up tool offers a similar assurance to the customer. A money back guarantee is also provided by the Grapplers Inc. company, ensuring that customers are fully satisfied with their purchases and may request their money back if they feel otherwise.

With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best tool for trash pickup. In order to fully support the quality of your life and ensure the tool truly makes life easier, buying the strongest, most quality-made product in America with a lifetime guarantee makes the most sense. The Grapppler simply is the best there is. Especially the industrial strength pickup tool for those super demanding situations.

The Grappler Reach and Grab Tool

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