Benefits of the Handler:

The Handler is a one-of-a-kind product that turns ordinary buckets into ergonomically friendly trash receptacles!  Designed to work with the Grappler, here are three ways the Handler can help you:


Trash Picker Pick up Tool1)  The Handler is easy on your back, knees, shoulders, and neck. Limit needless bending, stretching, and twisting by carrying your bucket attached to the Handler.  Simply pick up trash and debris with the Grappler and quickly drop it into your bucket without ever having to bend down.


2)  The Handler saves you time. Not only is your bucket easily accessible thanks to the Handler’s extended pole, but this pick-up tool is designed to make your bucket extremely portable.  The Handler is lightweight and easily carried.  Using the Handler maximizes productivity by eliminating two time-suckers: bending over to pick up trash and carrying it back to a trash receptacle.


3)  The Handler saves energy:  Suddenly, a day of rigorous cleanup becomes a mere walk in the park.  Constant bending over and aggravating fights with trash bags wear a person out.  Combine the Handler with the Grappler, and not only is cleanup quick, but is much less physically demanding than without these hard-working pick-up tools.  Spend two hours working outside, and still have plenty of energy for play.


The Handler Bucket Attachment